Currently a Heavy-Duty Mechanic…or Interested in Being One?

What makes Florida a top state for diesel technicians? That starts with our companies. They treat their techs with respect and appreciation…and pay top salaries. They realize that the team that maintains the trucks and trailers is on the front lines of safety. The $200,000, 40-ton rig gets to and from its destination in one piece because techs did their jobs. Florida trucking technician careers are waiting for you right now.

More than 200 trucking companies, dealerships, manufacturers, repair shops, truck stops, and garages which are members of Florida Trucking Association (FTA) would want to talk to you. Many of them are actual partners with FTA on a major employee recruiting initiative.

Florida Trucking CareersFor untrained individuals, we have some superb tech schools to put you in touch with about getting your certification and putting it to use in our great state.

Either way, where else is a better place to locate than Florida? We are a major logistics hub, and our population is growing fast. Already the third largest state with 20,000,000 population, it’s no surprise that people keep coming. We have the tropical style in the south, the high-tech and entertainment scene from Tampa across to Cape Canaveral and Daytona Beach, and with unspoiled, outdoor-life North Florida stretching from Jacksonville across the Panhandle.

What does all that mean to a diesel tech? Big opportunity. Steady job. Quality of life.

Then there is the weather. We are perpetually warm in South Florida, and have all four seasons in the north end of the state. We get freezes once in a blue moon…but never a blizzard. We are indeed the Sunshine State.

Who ought to pursue a truck tech career in Florida? Experienced mechanics who don’t want to wait until retirement to have their cake and eat it too. People wanting to change professions. We are also a very veteran-friendly state and are proud to have men or women transitioning out of active military service settle here. If diesel tech training is needed, we have great schools for that. Educational grants for veterans are generous.

truck-mechanic1On pay day, you can thank all those tourists who come visit Florida (over 100,000,000 of them a year) because they pay sales tax and fuel tax. That’s the magic of Florida being one of only four major states that doesn’t have a personal income tax! Your dollars go further.

Florida is an action state—with major ports, the space program, the largest concentration of tourist attractions in the world, a diverse population, great sports teams in both professional and college, the best parks, and 1,200 miles of coastline.

Instead of vacationing in Florida or retiring here, come down now and enjoy all the great things that our state has to offer year round.

Florida Trucking Association members value their employees and are looking to add more as the industry grows. Being a commercial motor vehicle technician is an excellent career, and Florida is the best place to put your skills and motivation to work. Florida trucking technician careers are available now.